Midland/Odessa RV Park

Odessa, Texas

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Located in the Permian Basin of West Texas, the unmatched beauty of the region offers stunning sunsets and a warm and inviting climate. Here you will find exceptional hospitality, a quiet, family-oriented atmosphere and a wide variety of amenities.The amenities include a sparkling pool, large grassy dog park, coin operated laundry facility, children's playground, volleyball court, basketball hoop and tidy bath house. With its convenient location, the Midland Odessa RV Park is the ideal home away from home for the traveling family that offers many opportunities for families to have fun and relax. The seasonal swimming pool is the perfect place to begin your well-deserved recreation, whether you prefer to relax in the patio area, or swim in the crystal clear waters. There are numerous picnic tables and a pavilion for outdoor gatherings. The park also offers scheduled family game nights for evening fun!


20 Amps
30 Amps
50 Amps
Back-in RV Sites
Community Fire Pit
Community Restrooms
Community Showers
Dump Station
Extended Stay
Family Friendly
Gasoline Nearby
General Store
Good Sam
Historic Sightseeing
Laundry Facilities
Military Discount
Paved Roads
Pets Allowed
Picnic Table
Propane Refilling Station
Public Service (Fire, Police, Resuce)
RV Hookup
Slide Outs
Swimming Outdoors
Water Hookups


Phone Services

Some of our spaces do have “Land Line” connections available for you. You will just need to call your phone company, and have it connected. Payment for telephone service is your responsibility.

Satellite and TV Service

You are welcome to have dishes installed at your site. DO NOT attach dishes to the picnic tables or trees. They need to be secured on a stand and out of the roadway. We will not be responsible for damage to dishes improperly installed or placed. If you have a digital TV, you should be able to receive the local networks. Our office staff will be happy to make a copy of the local digital channels for you.

Vehicle and Speed Limit

You must pull your vehicles off the roadways. If you need extra parking, please ask us, don’t cause someone to have an accident because you are NOT parked properly. That liability will fall to your personal auto insurance. Please observe all “NO PARKING” signs. DO NOT park in empty sites without asking first. If we cannot get a reservation parked in a space because of your vehicle being improperly parked, then you will be responsible for paying a nightly charge on that space. You are responsible for making sure your guest are parked properly. They may need to park in front of the store. PLEASE ASK FIRST! SPEED LIMIT 5 MPH THROUGHOUT THE PARK AND WILL BE ENFORCED. IF YOU CANNOT ABIDE BY THE SPEED LIMIT THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO PARK OUTSIDE THE GATE AND WALK IN.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is open 24 hrs. Please be courteous of others and DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES UNATTENDED!! Do not be surprised if your unattended clothes are removed from machines and placed on the table if the machine is needed. We will not be responsible for stolen or damaged items left in the laundry room. Change for machines can be purchased in the office. PLEASE NO CLOTHESLINE AT YOU RV SITE.


Our grounds keepers will come by to mow and weed eat your yards. If your yard is cluttered with items or there are animal feces in your yard they will not tend to your yard. It is your responsibility to keep it clean. You are welcome to water, but please, be as conservative as possible because of the drought. We do not furnish water hoses and/ or sprinkles.


Rule of thumb. If a guest wishes to visit you at our site and he/she is abiding by the quite hours of 10 PM to 7AM and they are not parked in sites or roadways...we have no problem with that. If they stay overnight, there will be a $5.00 per person charge. THEY MUST REGISTER IN THE OFFICE!!

Trash Dumpsters

We have trash dumpsters located throughout the park for your convenience. Please use them! If you have items that will not fit completely into the dumpsters, it is your responsibility to dispose of them properly. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THEM BEHIND FOR US TO DISPOSE OF!!!

RV Septic System

You may want to dump your septic system once a week. Be sure to keep your BLACK water holding tank closed with chemicals inside it. Your GREY water can be left open. TIP FOR NEW RV’ers: Tissue does better in a trash can and never allowed to enter the black water holding tank. NEVER DUMP FOOD SCRAPS, OILS, FEMININE PRODUCTS, OR SUBSTANCES NOT RECOMMENDED BY THE MANUFACTURES INTO YOUR HOLDING TANKS!!! 90-degree angle sewer connectors or donuts are required in this park. You may purchase those items in the store. During freezing weather, it is absolutely forbidden to let our water drip to prevent freezing of pipes. It is mandatory that they be wrapped, and a heat tape/ heated hose is used.


We love pets here, but we must use guidelines when this many people live so close together. PLEASE OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING: 1. We do provide an enclosed and grassed pet playground area for your pet’s enjoyment. We just ask those responsible, please clean up before leaving the playground area. 2. When walking pets, by state law, they must be leashed. (Electronic leash is considered an acceptable leash if they respond to it). If they don’t respond they must be on a leash. 3. We understand pets accidentally get out sometimes, be sure to keep a close eye on your pets to avoid loose dogs throughout the park. 4. Watch that your dog does not tear up campsite, “NO DIGGING ALLOWED”. 5. Never leave your pet tied up outside when you leave. They should be put inside or go with you. 6. BE COURTEOUS TO OUR NEIGHBORS-NO ONE WANTS TO BE KEPT UP BY YOUR BARKING DOG. 7. NO PETS ALLOWED IN THE OFFICE/STORE, RESTROOMS, LAUNDRY, OR POOL AREA. 8. If your pet is a service animal, they are welcomed in the areas listed above. 9. Some breeds of dogs are not allowed please check with the office.


WE DO NOT HAVE A LIFEGUARD ON DUTY!!!!! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK Children must always have an adult (18 years or older) with them inside the fenced pool area. This is a STATE LAW REQUIREMENT. All children not potty trained must wear little swimmers’ diapers in the pool area. THE POOL IS STRICTLY FOR OUR GUESTS ONLY. NO OUTSIDE GUEST OUR ALLOWED. In order to use the pool, you need to come to the office and check out a pool bracelet. The bracelet always needs to be worn in the pool area or you will be asked to leave until you get one. NO ALCHOL OR GLASS CONTNERS, NO FOUL LANGUAGE or you will be banned from the pool.